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LUX PRO 1" Professional Fla...

$109.99 $129.00

The LUX PRO Professional Flat Iron is designed to be powerful enough for salon professionals while also being flexible enough for at home use. It glides through all textures of hair effortlessly le...

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LUX PRO Wax Stick


The LUX PRO Hair Wax Stick is the fly away fighter you didn't know you needed! Unlike hair spray, the wax stick offers a more flexible hold resulting in super sleek & more smooth finished style...

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LUX PRO Moroccan Oil Serum


The LUX PRO Moroccan Oil Serum conditions & restores dry, brittle, & broken hair resulting in increased strength, softness & shine. Enriches with omega 3 oils, vitamins, & antioxida...

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LUX PRO Edge Balm


Edge Balm is a nourishing, growth promoting edge control that's super light weight yet has a long lasting hold. Infused with real honey to smooth, protect, & restore the over all health of the ...

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LUX PRO Clip In Extensions

$165.00 $200.00

The LUX PRO Cambodian Wavy Clip-In Extensions are the perfect enhancement to your Luxury Silk Press. With quick & easy installation you can achieve instant length & volume to your natural h...

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LUX PRO Clip-On Ponytail

$130.00 $175.00

The LUX PRO Cambodian Wavy Clip On Ponytail offers a new alternative to protective styling. In just 5 minutes you can achieve a low manipulation, low heat, quick & stylist sleek pony for either...

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LUX PRO U-Part Unit

$350.00 $400.00

The LUX PRO Clip-On U-Part Unit renders the full look of a natural part sew in with out the long term commitment. Featuring 100% Raw Cambodian texture which is more course & denser than other t...